Where undiscovered
is discovered

For the Buyers

For years, the BUYER  relied on a Distributor to tell them what to buy.  The BUYER has missed a great deal of content relying on a middle man, not to mention the fees they incurred by having to pay that middle man. FINAL CHANCE FILMS brings the FILM BUYERS fresh content, and if the BUYER wishes to buy or lease the new content, they may do so by speaking to the FILM MAKER directly.  Therefore the content is fresh and affordable.

For the Makers

So you have made a film but no Distributor will answer your calls to view it.  You rent a screening room, but no Distributor arrives to view the film.  How do you find buyers to lease rights to the film if you can't get the Distributor to respond to your phone calls or screenings?  Worse yet, how does the world even know you made a film that they can see? FINAL CHANCE gets your film seen.  By Audiences, Distributors, Buyers and Agents.  AND,  If you owe an investor or family and friends money for making the film or television pilot,, you now have a way to pay that debt via a possible sale, or advertising.

For the Viewer

For too long Distributors have dictated what films the FILM VIEWERS should see.  If the Distributor did not like the subject matter, he turned down the film.  If the Distributor did not feel the actor was good enough for YOU to see, the Distributor did not send the film to their proprietary buyers.

FINAL CHANCE FILMS does not make the decision what YOU should watch.  We feel all content has a value and should be viewed. FINAL CHANCE FILMS has no hidden agenda.

Our Mission


Real movies, made
by artists, with Passion.

Nothing can compare to original content created by true artists with passion. But too many creations will never be seen by viewers because no one has given unknown talent a platform to showcase their work! FCF wants to change that. FCF wants to give you, the viewer, the opportunity to find new content and experience the excitement and joy the film maker intended!  


12,354 features
in 2021

According to IMDB, 12,354 newly released features were created in 2021. Most of us were only aware of about 354 features that had star names. Where are the other 12,000 films? And how will they be seen?  On Final Chance Films streaming channel!


For the Love of movies…

…Pilots, Series, Documentaries, and other EntertainingContent, we at FCF invite you, the viewer, you the film maker, and you thebuyer to come to FCF to discover the undiscovered!

Ready to join us?

Watch on Roku

Final Chance Films will begin as a Roku channel. If you sign up for a FREE account HERE, we will, for your convenience, link your account  to your Roku device so you can easily review undiscovered movies, provide feedback, create your playlists – all  on your television, tablet or mobile

Watch online

Become Engaged. Once you have signed up for a FCF account, you can conveniently Click on a Poster to view the Trailer, the movie or the Behind the Scenes describing each project.  Read about “THE SCOOP.”  A secret viewers will only discover on FCF!

Spread the word

Final Chance Films is a home built to bring Audiences, Film makers, Buyers and Entertainers together as a family.  FCF wants you to share dialogue either on the Blog, or via Invites to your family and friends. FCF wants, you, the viewer to become involved and voice your opinion; and you, the film maker, to share your project with audiences and buyers, worldwide, with the opportunity to turn your passion into value.